Jack Grayle, esotericist and author


I'm Jack Grayle - writer, ritualist, and explorer of the lost lore of antiquity.

Tired of the mundane, the mediocre, the uninspired?

Join me! This site is a Portal to Parts Unknown.

It is the jumping-off point for those who would set off on a sacred journey.

Rediscover power and purpose through the beautiful world of ancient magic!

Let us explore these lost worlds together, and re-enchant our lives!

What People Are Saying:

I've been dabbling in magical practices for years now, but I've always hesitated to commit to anyone's course of study. I finally took the plunge with Jack's course because I had a hunch it was the one - and I was right. If you have an interest in the magic of Greco-Roman Egypt, a thirst for grounded scholarship, and a craving for praxis with a compassionate teacher and a supportive community, this is for you.

- T. Susan Chang

Author of 36 Secrets: A Decanic Journey through the Minor Arcana of the Tarot

Who is Jack Grayle?

Jack Grayle is a working sorcerer who teaches courses on the magic of Hekate, the PGM, and Homer's Writing. He is the author of the grimoire The Hekataeon, and his writings have been published by Ixaxaar, Aeon Sophia, Hadean Press, Anathema, and Sabbatica. He has been invited to present at numerous events such as Black Flame PDX, the International Left Hand Path Consortium, and the Welsh Occult Conference.

Updates on his work may be found at www.jackgrayle.com